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Recommendations on laying of self-adhesive waterproof roofing material “Rizolin” while roofing and repairing of flat roofs.

Self-adhesive roofing material Rizolin FSa or Rizolin FSm are used in one-layer roofing application.

Due to the protecting layer made of aluminium or copper foil, the material is resistant to impact of ultraviolet or corrosive, allowing to maintain its waterproofing properties for a long time.

The service life of Rizolin roofs is 25 years or more!

The reflective properties of the foil covering protect the roof from overheating, thereby creating a more comfortable environment in rooms of the upper floors of buildings during the hot summer months.

Lower layer preparation

Before installation, it is necessary to properly prepare the roof substrate.

The substrate must be cleaned from dust, bumps and seams must be sealed with matrix, outfall ditch and discharge funnels must be installed, all the necessary surfaces must be primed with bituminous primer.

When repairing flat roofs with coatings of various facing materials, tar paper, PVC membrane, it is recommended to lay Rizolin on the old «roofing pie», without dismantling the old coating.


During preparing the foundation, loose fragments of the old roofing material must be removed.

It is recommended «to black» the gritted base with blowtorch. The bubbles on the old roof must be opened, then dried and covered. Irregularities and cracks should be sealed with sand-cement mortar.

Humidity of the base when laying Rizolin on concrete surfaces should not exceed 4%, on cement surfaces — not more than 5%, on wood and bitumen surfaces – not more than 20%.

Thermal insulation of roofs

If the roof is insufficiently insulated, extruded polystyrene or basalt mineral wool insulation with density of at least 115 kg / m3 can be used as insulation.

When laying loose thermal insulating materials it is necessary to make a cement-sand screed. The priming of such surface is produced with bitumen primer.

ATTENTION! Bitumen primer is not applied to polystyrene foam insulation!

Vapour sealing

To protect the insulation from moisture penetration from the interior, it is recommended to lay a lower vapour barrier with self-adhesive material Rizolin Vapor sealing.

When laying clohts, overlap them on 5-10cm, so that they form a continuous carpet. Through-holes or gaps are not allowed.

If the roof slope is less than 5% Rizolin should be laid across the roof slope, at higher slope – along the roof slope.

Stacking of rolled roofing material starts from bottom to top of the roof. In the process of laying Rizolin rolls should be overlapped: end overlap — 100-150 mm, longitudinal overlap — 50-100 mm. (Diagrams of roof junctions and joints are listed in the annexes to the Roofing Guideline).

Laying of Material

The material is quite simple to install, it requires no special equipment or involvement of highly qualified professionals, which allows installation on your own.

Before getting started, you need to take into account some features of the Rizolin brand materials:

1.  When the roof slope is less than 5%, Rizolin should be laid across the roof slope, at higher slope – along the roof slope. Laying of roofing webs starts from the bottom to the top.

2.  In the process of laying the material it is necessary to provide overlaps: end overlap — 100-150 mm, longitudinal overlap — 50-100 mm. (Diagrams of roof junctions and joints are listed in the annexes to the Roofing Guideline).

3.  Due to the high adhesive (self-adhesive) properties of materials, in order not to reapply the material, it’s necessary to cut out and lay the sheet properly before the installation.

4.  Self-adhesive properties of the materials do not change at an average daily ambient temperatures above +15 ºC. At lower temperatures (up to -5ºC) to improve the adhesion, the material must be heated with an industrial heat gun or a gas burner at a distance no closer than 0.5m until oily gloss appears. (Work with an open flame must be conducted in accordance with the fire safety regulations).

5.  Works operating does not require any complex construction equipment. The necessary equipment: stationery knife, roller, dust removal equipment (garden vacuum or brush), work gloves; for hands and equipment cleaning it’s recommended to use «White spirit» or vegetable oil.

The main stages of installation:

1.  Unwind the roll at the place of application foiled side down.

2.  Remove the release film from the adhesive side.

3.  Turn the sheet adhesive side down, lay it on the roof and roll accurately with a roller, avoiding wrinkling and folds in places of overlaps.

Pay particular attention to the quality of overlaps bonding!

When roofing a two-layer soft roof with Rizolin, Rizolin AS is used as a lower layer, Rizolin FSa or Rizolin FSm are used for upper layer.

To do this, you should unwind the roll of Rizolin AS, turn the material adhesive side down, the side with release paper should be on top, put the material on the base and roll with roller.

Rizolin AS is recommended to be used on roofs only as an additional bottom layer!

To form joints at side-laps, remove the protective paper for 150-200 mm. The process of laying of the second row of the material is similar to the laying of the first row. The edge of the roll should be smoothed to the base. Roll the side laps with a heavy roller, removing bubbles from the end overlappings.

The end overlap must be 150 mm. Remove 150-200 mm of the protective paper from the end overlappings.

The top layer of Rizolin FSa or FSm must be laid immediately after laying the lower one.

In order to save material, Rizolin FSa may be placed in one layer with additional lower «lock» with the sealing tape Rizolin AS-200. In this case, waterproofing reliability will be at the same level as dual layer of the soft roof.

Installation of junctions

During installation of junctions with a parapet up to 1 meter high, it is recommended to cover the entire area of the junction. The edges of Rizolin need to be fixed with a pressing bar or punched tape to avoid risks of material tearing off by hurricane winds.

If the parapet or wall is higher than 1 meter, it is necessary to glue the material to a height of up to 1 meter, fix it with a presser bar. Above the bar at a height of 10 mm to 20 mm, make a 5 cm deep groove in the wall, insert the drip mold into the groove and insulate with sealant.

Waterproofing of ventilation shafts.

Dismantle ventilation or other build-ups from the anchorages, glue the entire support part, except fastening elements. For waterproofing and noise reduction, it is recommended to glue the ventilation box with Rizolin FSA.

IMG_1101_1200x900 (1)

НИИ г.Махачкала

Waterproofing of pipes

Isolate pipes or other objects passing through the roof with Rizolin FSa, beginning from the bottom, wrapping

spirally, with an overlap on each wind, in whole or in part, in 2-3 layers.

ATTENTION! It is strictly prohibited to warm up the foil side of Rizolin FS!



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