In 2013 «Bishkul Poultry Factory»LLP, has made repairs of the poultry houses premises roofing with self-adhesive waterproofing roofing material «Rizolin» in the amount of 3000 m².

We can say that the roofing «Rizolin» is a universal, reliable, durable, high-quality material.

Simplicity of application made it possible to repair the objects in the shortest time. For application, it is not necessary to attract highly qualified specialists and additional equipment. Repairing of the roof was done on our own. Fireless application method secures from inflammation, besides, the roof assumed a beautiful silvery surface appearance. Due to the foil upper layer, the snow does not pile on the roof in winter, and at the first rays of the sun snow melts due to the reflection of solar energy, which prevents water from accumulating on the roof surface.

We are very pleased with the material, and in the future our company plans to use the material on other facilities of the poultry farm.


In 2012, our factory repaired about 16 000 square meters of roofing with self-adhesive roofing material «Rizolin».

Simplicity of installation allowed us to install the roofing in a very short time, although the work was not done by qualified specialists. The fireless method of application allows to secure the works from inflammation. On top of all of that, it provides an excellent appearance of the roof. There were no peeling, blubbing and cracking of the material detected in service.

«Akmola Railway Car Repair Factory» JSC recommends to use self-adhesive roofing material «Rizolin» for repairing workshops and storage facilities.

We thank the domestic commodity producer for high-quality products.


Municipal unitary enterprise of housing and public utilities of Dvurechensk, Sysert city district, has been using waterproofing material RIZOLIN since 2010 for repairing of roofs of housing and industrial buildings in Dvurechensk, Sverdlovsk region. Due to the fireless method of application, this material has allowed our organization to significantly reduce the costs and time of installation of roofing during major and running repairs. During running time there were no cases of peeling, blubbing and cracking of the material in the repaired areas, which indicates its high technical characteristics.

We recommend all enterprises of housing and communal services and Managing Companies to apply self-adhesive roofing material RIZOLIN.


In June 2012, we made a request for the repairing of the mansard type metal roofing of the residential unit at the address: 12, Avangardnaya St., Izhevsk.

The Council of Tenants established a budget that was limited to replacing the same metal roof. The only and right decision was to apply the material «Rizolin».

For several years, this apartment building has had a problem of roof leakage and the impossibility of determining the location of water flow, it was not clear where did the water come from.
Three approximate sections of existing leaks were identified at this site.
In the course of the work it was revealed that the simplicity of the technology of using «RIZOLIN» does not require much costs and efforts to prepare the surface.

The surface is cleaned with brushes and dusted off by blowers, the material is flexible in operation. It assumes various configurations in the part of the finishing of the parapets and air drains. It joins as tightly as possible to the welted seam, thereby sealing and isolating the possible places of leakage.
The leakage problem on this object has been eliminated. The need for constant cleaning of the roof from snow disappeared. The residents of the house stopped complaining.

Thus, we recommend to use the material «Rizolin» for the repairing of seam roofing.


In June 2012, the soft roof of one of the workshops (frozen products storage room) of JSC Sibirskaya Poultry Factory was repaired. The work was carried out by the contract organization LLC MontazhStroyServis. Roofing material RIZOLIN was chosen for repairing the roof. This is a self-adhesive roofing material, with a strong reinforcement base of fiberglass and a protective layer of aluminum foil.

The choice of RIZOLIN was justified by several factors: the material allows the repairing of a soft roof in one layer without dismantling the old coating, which significantly reduces the cost of repairs and the necessity of heating of the roof in bad weather. As we repaired the roof of the cold storage unit, there was a task to save electricity in the warm season. And the coating the material with a reflective layer of aluminum foil became decisive when choosing a material. Based on the results of the operation of the new roof, a good economic effect was obtained with a reduction in electricity consumption in cold storage units.

Repairing of the roof was completed in a short time. About three thousand meters of the roof was laid in one week.

We are satisfied with the material of the company «RIZOLIN» and we plan to carry out further repairing of our roofs with Rizolin, which we recommend to others.


In 2012, our company has made a major repair of a duo-pitched metal roof of 3,000 m², at the address: 50, Horovodnaya St., Kazan. As the repair budget of this roof was limited, it was not possible to replace the metal roof to eliminate leaks. The only solution in this situation was to use «Rizolin». In the process of laying, there were some difficulties with the adhesion of the material, since the work had been done in the autumn, at a temperature of + 5 + 7 ° C and wind. Nevertheless, in sunny and windless days the laying process was fast enough, and it allowed us to meet the deadline.

In general, we can say that the first experience of the application of «RIZOLIN» went well, and, if such objects occurs in the future, it is planned to use this material.


Rizolin is manufactured by RIZOLIN LLC in accordance with the requirements of technical specifications TU 5774-001-78786088-2008, and has physical and mechanical properties confirmed by the testing center of LLC OmskstroiZNIL, test report No. 34-C dated 02.03.2009.

High adhesion (not less than 10 N /cm²) and high strength (at least 280 N / cm) allows to use Rizolin for all types of surfaces with varying degrees of complexity. High self-adhesive ability of Rizolin allows you to carry out works without additional equipment and materials. Applying of Rizolin does not require heating at an ambient temperature of up to + 5 °C. Minor heating is required at temperatures from + 5 °C to -15 °C.

Products of LLC «Rizolin» has more than three years of positive experience of application on construction sites in Omsk and the region:
LLC «Garantia-S», 43, Perova St. — 2,500 m²
Office building, 14, Tarskaya St. — a metal roof, 2 000 m ²
Residential building, 92 Bagrationa St. — 1,500 m²
Federal State Unitary Enterprise OmPO Irtysh, 18 Gurteva St. — 4,200 m²
Municipal institution «Novovorshavskaya Central District Hospital» — 1 200 m²

Rizolin is recommended for wide application in the design and construction.


During the period of 2011-2012 our company has repaired more than 12 000 meters of roofing with self-adhesive material of the brand «RIZOLIN».

The absence of necessity to use gas and gas burners during the applying of the material significantly reduced the repairing time, and also eliminated the risk of inflammation of the roof during installation. A fairly simple technology of repairing with the materials of the brands «RIZOLIN» made it possible to install it by the forces of our factory workers in a short time.

A great flexibility of materials and an excellent adhesion to the dust-free surface of the old roofing carpet increased the convenience of installing complex sections of the roof.

As the result of the works done, the roof looks nice. We recommend to use roofing materials «RIZOLIN» for the current and major repairs of roofs of industrial and residential buildings and premises.


Our organizations are related by a long-term cooperation in the field of fire safety of building materials.

A roll roofing self-adhesive waterproofing material «RIZOLIN FS» produced by your enterprise has the best fire danger class characteristics on flammability В1 (flash-resistant) and flame spread RP1 (non-spreading). It significantly increases the fire safety of the facilities on which this material is applied.

We thank you for the high quality and safe products and look forward to further effective cooperation.


Limited liability company “Rizolin” is a manufacturer of self-adhesive, roll roofing and waterproofing material. In 2009, the company carried out roof repair works in educational institutions, public health services and municipal utilities in the city of Omsk.

As part of the implementation of Federal Law No. 185 «On the Foundation for Assistance to Reforming Housing and Communal Services,» the roofing material «Rizolin» was used in the major repairs of the apartment buildings roofs in the city of Omsk.

It should be noted that the roofing and insulating material «Rizolin», due to its qualities, makes it possible to secure the work from inflammation, since it is applicated through the fireless method, and its application has a direct economic effect, since it significantly reduces the time of the roof repairing works.

The administration of the city of Omsk notes that LLC «Rizolin» qualitatively carries out all the works. Positive feedback on the technical characteristics of the material and its compliance with fire safety requirements were received within the established terms.


In 2009, against our order, LLP «Block» installed a trial lot of roofing material Rizolin (100 m²).

For 4 years, the foil hasn’t corrode, moisture has not penetrate and the material still looks like it’s newly installed.

We realized that this is a durable, reliable and high-quality material. In 2012, major repairs of the roof were completed in the amount of 1,700 m² by three specialists in just 5 days.

We can say that the roofing material is reliable and durable. In the future we plan to apply it in other sites.

We thank LLP «Block» for high-quality repairs and recommend self-adhesive roofing material Rizolin for roofing.


In order to provide the regional market with modern building materials in the furtherance of the implementation of the Strategy for the Development of the Construction Industry and the Building Materials Industry of the Omsk Region, up to 2015, production of the roofing material Rizolin has been launched in the Omsk Region.

The list of objects on which the roofing material «Rizolin» was applied:
Office building, 43 Perova St., 2,500 m², year 2008 (LLC Garantia-S).
Shopping and entertainment complex, 101a, Zvezdova St., 2 000 m², year 2009 (TRC «City-Center»).
The market «Levoberezhnyi», 5 000 m², year 2009 (Municipal Units «Municipal Markets», Omsk).
Office building, 14, Tarskaya St., metal roof of 2 000 m², year 2009.
School № 37, 17, Ch.Valikhanova St., 3 500 m², year 2009.
Medical Workers Training Center, 93, Lermontov St., 2 800 m², year 2009.
Residential house, 92, Bagrationa St., 1 500 m², year 2008.
Industrial building, 18, Gurteva St., 4 200 m², year 2008 (Federal State Unitary Enterprise OmPO «Irtysh.
Industrial building, 139, Semirechinskaya St., 3 400 m², year 2009 (Federal State Institution «Irtysh» Industrial Complex.
Municipal Education Institution «Komsomolskaya Secondary School» of the Odessa municipal district, 1 700 m², year 2009.
Municipal institution «Novovorshavskaya Central District Hospital», 1 200 m²., 2009.

The Ministry of Construction and Housing and Communal Services of the Omsk region recommends to use the roofing material «Rizolin» in the construction and major repairs of residential buildings, social and commercial facilities.

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