Parkings, basement floors, cellars, swimming pools


Recommendations on the waterproofing of subsurface structures using self-adhesive waterproofing material «Rizolin».

For waterproofing of underground facilities (parking lots, basement floors, cellars, swimming pools) it is recommended to use self-adhesive roll waterproofing material Rizolin AS or Rizolin ASpl; For anti-radon protection, it is recommended to use the foil-coated material Rizolin FSA.

The continuity of Rizolin waterproofing, allows you to create optimal temperature and humidity conditions in the basement rooms. The material is absolutely waterproof; Due to a robust fiberglass fabric, it is resistant to mechanical stresses caused by shrinkage of buildings, and bioresistant.

The non-combustible installation method allows you to significantly reduce labor costs, and also provides the ability to produce waterproofing structures on the most complex and flammable objects.

The following surfaces may be used as a base for the waterproofing carpet:

  • Reinforced concrete slabs
  • Leveling strainers of cement-sand mortar
  • Any metal bases, including utility systems and pipes
  • Brick masonry
  • Wooden bases (sheet pile, moisture proof plywood, oriented strand board (OSB), etc.)

Lower layer preparation

The surface must not have shells, concrete sags, cracks, irregularities with sharp edges, oil stains, dust. Remove oil stains burning out, concrete sags must be chopped down or grinded. Minor roughness should be plastered with bituminous grout.

Surface roughness of 10-15 mm should be removed by applying a pore filler. After drying, the surface of the pore filler should be smooth, without cracks.

Before waterproofing, remove construction debris, dust, and cement grout film from the surface.

During waterproofing, a primer coat is required. A bitumen primer is used as primer coat.
The primer is applied with a brush or roller over the entire surface of the material, including the vertical one. The material should be laid after the primer is completely dried.

The criterion for drying of the primer is the absence of traces of bitumen when touching the primed surface.

To avoid humidification and dust formation on the primed surface, the material must be laid immediately after the primer is dried.

ATTENTION! The permissible moisture ratio of the substrate should not exceed 4%.

Laying of the material

Sheets should be laid in one layer, in the direction of the slope, on a solid base of metal, slate, wood, OSB and other sheet materials.

The basic stages of laying:
The material is fairly simple to apply, it does not require any specific equipment and the involvement of highly qualified specialists, thus it is possible to carry out waterproofing works by your own means.

Before starting to work you need to take into account some features of Rizolin:
1. Due to high adhesion level of materials, in order to avoid folds, the cloth must be properly cut and offered up before laying.

2. Self-adhesive properties of materials are preserved at an average daily temperature above +15 C. At lower temperatures (up to -5 C), to improve adhesion, the material must be preheated with a heat gun or a blowpipe from a distance no closer than 0.5 m, until the oily shine appears. (Works with open flames must be carried out in compliance with fire safety requirements). Before laying, the materials must be kept at a temperature of at least +20 ° C during the day.

3. No complex construction equipment is required for the work. The process of work requires: a stationery knife, a roller, a dust-removal tool (a garden vacuum cleaner or a brush), work gloves. It is recommended to use «White Spirit» or vegetable oil to clean hands and tools.

Waterproofing of surfaces with RIZOLIN materials is normally made in one layer. If the height of the insulated surface is less than 1 meter, the webs are glued horizontally, if it is more than 1 meter — vertically, upwards.

Before laying the material, unroll the material and offer it up to the surface. After offering up, take off the release film, turn the adhesive side to the base, press it tightly, smooth the material with a brush. For the best applying of the material in the corners and at junctions to the vertical walls, roll the material with a silicone roller. The sheet of the next row is laid with an overlap of 8-10 cm in the longitudinal direction.
The sheets should not have wrinkles or waviness, but if this happens, the folded area is removed from the surface and laid again.

Formation of overlaps

At the place of overlap, take off the release film to a width of 150-200 mm. The process of laying of the second row is similar to the process of laying of the first row. Overlapping should be additionally rolled with a heavy roller, to drive out possible air bubbles.

Matching of vertical and horizontal waterproofing

At places where the floor joins walls, foundations for equipment, pipelines and other structures jutting out above the floor, the waterproofing must be provided at a level not less than 200 mm from the floor covering level, and if the water jet can reach the walls — at the entire height of soaking. To do this, cut at least 300 mm wide strip of material, offer it up and bend along the horizontal-vertical transition line, take off the release film and roll down to the surface with a silicone roller to remove the air.
At the corners, joints of the material to the circular elements, at all places where the material experiences tension during application the bottom surface of the material is heated with hot air guns.
In cold period (with temperature below + 15 ° C), the material must be heated to increase adhesion. Use a heat gun or a blowpipe to do this.
The criterion for sufficient heating is the appearance of traces of bitumen when touching the surface of the material.

Warming of the foundation

If it is necessary to extra warm the foundation, remove the outer layer of the release film, then apply a foam polystyrene insulant to the heated surface of the material.


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